Compared to the eleven advanced democracies, the United States has the highest rate of child mortality. The US rates low in protections for child actors and for children as targets of advertising.

Child Welfare 2

GreenRanked first for statistic
RedRanked last for statistic
 Under 5 Mortality per 1000 Live BirthsPublic GDP Expenditure on Families% Underweight Newborns% Children Immunized for MeaslesRestrictions on use of children in advertisingRestrictions on using advertising or marketing techniques to appeal to children
Australia3.712.36.692.7Some provisionsRelevant or complete provisions
Canada5.041.86.590.0No provisionsSome provisions
Denmark3.583.34.694.1Relevant or complete provisionsSome provisions
France4.352.97.691.9Some provisionsSome provisions
Germany3.572.46.697.2No provisions
Italy2.611.46.891.9No provisionsRelevant or complete provisions
Japan2.302.09.498.5Some provisionsSome provisions
Netherlands4.051.65 .692.8Relevant or complete provisionsSome provisions
Sweden2.463.44.297.0Relevant or complete provisionsRelevant or complete provisions
United Kingdom4.192.36.590.9Some provisionsRelevant or complete provisions
United States6. provisionsSome provisions


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Per 1000 live births.

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Family benefits public spending as a percent of GDP. All data from 2019 or 2020.

Percent underweight newborns: OECD

Health Status > Infant health: low birthweight. Low birthweight births as a percent of total live births. Data from 2020, except Germany (2013) and Japan (2019).

Percent children w/ measles immunization: OECD

Health Care Utilisation > Immunisation. All data from 2020 except Australia, Denmark, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom (2021).

Columns 5-6: Child Advertising: DLA Piper

Advertising & marketing to children UNICEF Global Report, November, 2016.

Page updated on 1/31/2023.


“Junk Food Companies Spend Billions Of Dollars On Ads Targeting Black Children”

Lauren Weber
January 15, 2019.
According to a study conducted by the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at the University of Connecticut, junk food companies are spending a disproportionate amount towards advertisement that targets Black and Hispanic children.