Child Welfare 1

UNICEF measures of health and skills of children.

Child Welfare 2

Here we present data on GDP expenditure on families from OECD. Additional information on underweight birth rates and measles vaccinations from OECD. Child advertising information from UNICEF.

Crime and Incarceration

Average firearms per 100 people from Small Arms Survey. Homicide and imprisonment rates. Safety and Perception of Safety ratings.

Higher Education

Information about tertiary education attainment and academic proficiency from OECD. Ranked universities per capita.

Primary Education

Primary and Secondary Enrollment. Expenditure on education. Attainment data from OECD.

Gender Equality

Percent of women in government. Female to male ratio in several indicators including wage equality and PhD candidates. Rank and score from the Global Gender Gap Report.


Rooms per person. Homeless population and homelessness as a percentage of population.

Income Distribution

Poverty rate, income inequality. GINI index from the World Bank

Social Justice

This page contains information from OECD on several indicators including health, education, social inclusion.

Work & Leisure

Life Satisfaction score from OECD Better Life Index. Average hours worked per year. Vacation days and annual leave.