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GreenRanked first for statistic
RedRanked last for statistic
 Milex as a % of GDPMilex as a % of central gov expendituresCountry rank of total arms exportsArms and ammunition exportsArms and ammunition imports% of total arms exports% of world arms market to devp. countriesNuclear Warheads
United Kingdom2.224.6696018932.8150.46225
United States3.488.3211061373836.6269.635428


Columns 1 – 5: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

SIPRI Military Expenditure Database
Milex as a percent of GDP, 2021
Milex as a percent of central gov expenditures, 2021
SIPRI Arms Transfers Database
Country Rank of total arms exports, out of top 50, 2021
Arms and ammunition exports (millions), 2021, no data for Japan
Arms and ammunition imports (millions), 2021
* Milex = Military expense

Columns 6 – 7: Congressional Research Service, 2008 – 2015 Report.

Percent of total arms exports
Arms Deliveries to the World, % by Supplier. CRS-63. 2015.
% of world arms market to developing countries
2012 – 2015. CRS-27.
*Asterisk indicates all other European countries other than France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom for which the combined percentage of arms exported to the world is 9.52%; combined percentage of world arms market to developing countries is 46.27%.

Nuclear Warheads: Federation of American Scientists, 2022.

Numbers include retired, stockpiled and deployed nuclear warheads. All numbers are approximate estimates as most countries do not reveal the exact amounts.


“Which country dominates the global arms trade?” Tim Bowler

May 10, 2018.
BBC News. It is estimated that the US accounts for 34% of all global arms sales, up from 30% five years ago. Total international trade in arms now worth about $100 billion per year. US arms exports are 58% higher than Russia, the world’s second-largest exporter. The Middle East accounts for almost half of US arms exports received during 2013 – 17. China’s arms exports rose by 38% between 2008 – 12 and 2013 – 17. The major exception to the rise in arms sales is Africa, arms imports falling by 22% between 2008 – 12 and 2013 – 17.

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