A breakdown of use of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

Energy Sources

GreenRanked first for statistic
RedRanked last for statistic
 % of Primary EnergyRenewable Energy
Total Fossil ShareRenewables (overall)Clean energy investment per capitaTotal renewable energy capacity per capitaGreendex 2014 ScoreTotal Energy Consumption per capita
United Kingdom80.78.71580.649.5108.4
United States82.88.71970.544.6283.5


Percent of Primary Energy Supply (columns 1 – 2): Human Development Report

2018 Human Development Statistical Update.
Fossil fuel energy consumption as a percent of total energy consumption, 2010 – 2015.
Renewable energy consumption as a percent of total energy consumption, 2015.

Clean energy investment per capita: Bloomberg 2018

Clean energy investment per capita estimated from clean energy investment in billions by using country population data from the CIA World Factbook.

Total renewable energy capacity per capita: Renewables 2019 Status Report

Per capita capacity (kilowatts per inhabitant, not including hydropower). All from 2017 except Italy (2016). Italy value taken from 2017 report.

Greendex 2014 Score: National Geographic

*Greendex reports do not include values for Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, and Norway.

Total Energy Consumption: The Energy Institute

2023 Statistical Review of World Energy. Total primary energy consumption per capita in gigajoules. Here primary energy includes commercially-traded fuels, including modern renewables. All values for 2022.


“Global Banks Invested $1.9 Trillion in Fossil Fuels Since Paris Climate Pact” Sharon Kelly

March 22, 2019.
The top four banks that have invested the most heavily into fossil fuels are US based followed by banks based in Canada, Japan and Europe.

“Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy”

Erik Kirschbaum
January 26, 2019.
Coal plants used to account for 40% of Germany’s electricity. Germany now plans to shut down all 84 of their coal plants over the next 19 years in an effort to meet international commitments in the fight against climate change.

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