Sherman Lewis, President

International Comparisons President Dr. Sherman Lewis, PhD, is a retired professor of political science at California State University East Bay Hayward. International Comparisons started many years ago to provide an easy to use, objective website of statistics comparing the United States to developed countries, based on evidence that the US is not an advanced democracy and the idea that people need information, not rhetoric.

Dr. Lewis specializes in citizen policy, California, and environmental politics. He was a leader in the California Sierra Club and served four years on the BART Board. In addition to managing International Comparison, he currently leads a small advocacy group, the Hayward Area Planning Association (HAPA). HAPA has planned a walkable, sustainable development near Cal State East Bay called Bayview Village and has been unable to get funding for it. The details of Bayview Village developed into an academic interest in walkable neighborhood systems, mode choice, and density issues.