Elizabeth Zapata, Secretary and Treasurer

Born in Michigan, I migrated to California to pursue my education. After a 25 year hiatus I returned to school in 2004, completing my bachelors in Mathematics at Chico State in 2011, and my Masters in Statistics at Cal State East Bay (CSUEB) in 2013.

My time is divided between the Sierra Foothills and the Bay Area, where I teach Statistics as a lecturer at CSUEB.

Like many of us, I wonder and worry about the future of our world, and the United States in particular. The American Dream has become a nightmare for many, if it was ever attainable at all. I do not know if life in the US has ever measured up to the image its residents hold.

I do not have an idea of how we will emerge from the crisis of COVID-19. I can only hope that we learn some lessons and come up with a new version of the American Dream, as the old one has clearly died for many.