International Teen Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics

Color Coding Key
GREEN Ranked 1st for statistic
RED Ranked last for statistic

This chart indicates sexually transmitted diseases and infections for teenagers.

per 100,000
per 100,000
HIV/AIDS Chlamydia
per 100,000
Australia     150  
Canada 0.6 59.4   563.3
France   7.7 2800 55.1
Italy     750  
Netherlands     350  
Sweden 0.6 1.8 350 569.6
United Kingdom 0.2 67.0   75.9
United States 5.4* 342.8* 8** 1857.8*


The Alan Guttmacher Institute. Jacqueline Darroch et al., Teenage Sexual and Reproductive Behavior in Developed Countries, November 2001. This report does not show any United States data. While this report is dated 2001, it is the most recent and comprehensive report we could find as of August 2017.

The Center for Disease Control reported on the population of the United States that has sexually transmitted infections and diseases. The report is from 2015.

UNAIDS has been working to end AIDS and get everyone the care they need.

The Center for Disease Control reported on the population of United States citizens that have HIV. This report is from 2015.


We are working on expanding our teen health data to include mental health, suicide rates, and drug use.