Child Welfare Statistics by Country

Color Coding Key
GREEN Ranked 1st for statistic
RED Ranked last for statistic

The United States has an extremely high under 5 mortality rate for an advanced democracy and also ranks last in child maltreatment deaths per capita.

  Under 5 mortality rate Public GDP expenditure on families Percent Underweight newborns Measels immunizations percent of need Child advertising
Australia 3.8 19.1 6.4 91.0 Industry self-regulated
Canada 4.9 17.2 6.3 90.0 Industry self-regulated
Denmark 3.5 28.7 5.0 91.0 Restricted
France 4.3 31.5 6.2 91.0 Restricted
Germany 3.7 25.3 6.6 97.0 Restricted
Italy 3.5 28.9 7.4 85.0 Restricted
Japan 2.7 23.1 9.5 96.0  
Netherlands 3.8 22.0 5.8 95.0 Restricted
Norway 2.6 25.1 4.7 95.0 Illegal for kids under 12
Sweden 3.0 27.1 4.4 98.0 Illegal for kids under 12
United Kingdom 4.2 21.5 6.9 95.0 Restricted
United States 6.5 19.3 8.1 92.0 Industry self-regulated


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Children's Defense Fund, Monthly Newsletter, March 2011 The CDF report, "Protect Children, Not Guns 2012," analyzes the most recent data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and American gun laws. 5,740 children and teens were killed by guns in 2008 and 2009, eight every day. More children and teenagers were killed by guns in America in those two years than U.S. military personnel killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. The number of preschoolers killed by guns in 2008 (88) and 2009 (85) was almost double the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2008 (41) and 2009 (48). America is the world leader in gun violence. The most recent data from 23 industrialized nations shows that 87 percent of the children under age 15 killed by guns lived in the United States. Gun homicide was the leading cause of death among Black teenagers 15 to 19 years old in 2008 and 2009. In 2009, Black males 15 to 19 were eight times as likely as White males the same age to be killed in a gun homicide. For White teens the same age the leading cause was motor vehicle accidents followed by gun homicide (2008) and gun suicide (2009).

Source: Children's Defense Fund: Protect Children not Guns

"Children as Consumers," Anup Shah, November 21, 2010

Connects the link between child advertising and child obesity in reviewing the market for and reasons behind the ethical controversy.