International Aid Statistics by Country

Color Coding Key
GREEN Ranked 1st for statistic
RED Ranked last for statistic

The United States, according to the Commitment to Development Index, compares fairly poorly in comparison to other developed countries and has the third lowest percent of Gross National Income dedicated to aid among the twelve countries in this study.

  Commitment to Development Index  

Aid score Combined average score Percent of Gross National Income
Australia 4.3 5.2 0.28
Canada 5.0 5.4 0.32
Denmark 11.5 7.0 0.84
France 4.2 5.3 0.45
Germany 3.9 5.4 0.38
Italy 1.3 4.7 0.13
Japan 1.6 3.4 0.17
Netherlands 9.5 6.1 0.71
Norway 13.0 6.6 0.93
Sweden 12.6 6.4 0.99
United Kingdom 6.8 5.7 0.56
United States 3.2 4.8 0.22


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"CGD Brief: The 2012 Commitment to Development Index," Center for Global Development. The overall scores for the CDI is based on foreign aid, openness to developing-country exports, investment in their economies, policies that influence migration policies, environmental policies, security policies and support for new technologies. A score (in any category or overall) of 5.0 is considered average.

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Official Developmental Aid as a percent of GNI, for 2012. .7 is the set Millineuum Development Goal. The U.S. doesn't even cover a third.


"Report: US Uses Aid to Promote Non-Humanitarian Goals," Colum Lynch

November 19, 2008, The Washington Post. Out of 23 countries the United States ranked 15th in teh Humanitarian Response Index 2008, a survey from the Development Assistance Research associates. Lynch says in spite of the United States being the largest donor of aid, its efficiency and effectiveness comes up short. Such reports continue to voice concern "that American strategy subordinates humanitarian considerations ... to acievemilitary objectives," and is the basis for the U.S.'s low overall ranking, as well as its position at 22nd in adhering to the OECD's standards. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark ranked at the top of the listwhich interviews over 350 humanitarian agencies. France and Italy are also positioned near the bottom.