About International Comparisons

Objectivity and Accuracy - the keys to valid research.

Internationalcomparisons.org compares different quality of life factors among 12 of the most advanced democracies in the world to evaluate where the United States stands in relation to those advanced democracies. Our national evaluation indicators include statistics and data from various sources to compare many quality of life elements, accessed via the links above and at the right.

With this information, we test the following hypothesis:

The United States is the least developed of the advanced democracies in most areas.

The US has high personal income, high productivity, large houses, and ample higher education; however, it is the most militarized nation, has the highest population growth, the most uneven distribution of income, mediocre basic education, the lowest health status, the highest health care costs, much higher crime, less leisure time, more abortion & teen pregnancy, and a lower status for women. The United States is the least environmentally sustainable of the advanced democracies, the most polluting, and the most dependent on fossil fuel.

Sherman Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Political Science
California State University East Bay, Hayward

Dustyn Bindel, Research Assistant